Papelón Antonio best free porn Laje with Maru Botana

American journalist made a comment as a joke, but it all ended in an awkward moment. 

It is the awkward moment that took place this morning air on the American screen. In the pass program between "Good Morning America" ​​to "cook for you," Antonio Laje, Driver magazine, was talking to Maru Botana VR Jav and wanted to Jav Teacher make a joke about the note that the magazine soon did to Fernando Carolei, journalist participates in both cycles. However, there was nothing funny comment ...

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What has happened? Laje wanted to make a rogue commentary on the first great note they did to the American journalist and A24, who is living a great professional moment. With eagerness to put expectations at the time, Laje, laughing, he asked Botana, "You know what the title of the note Carolei?".

At that time, Maru and Turkish Naim, drivers "Cooking for you", they were lent to the game and took everything with humor: "Does America heartthrob Will breaks into Cocinando with Maru?". But there Antonio shot surprised with the unexpected .... "No, nothing like that title is: 'I was told my mother had died when saved ...'".
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Immediately there was silence in the air and could feel the discomfort of Maru Botana and Naim, who reproached him Laje. "Ay Antonio, what's that? No," said the cook. Meanwhile, Carolei, who also works with Laje, took it with good vibes but only managed to say: "It's true, but what cutter moments ...".

Then, in social networks it was Malena Guinzburg who shared in a tweet what was experienced in the air on the screen of America. And of course, social networks were several users who criticized the host of "Good Morning America" ​​for the awkward moment.

Papelón Antonio Laje with Maru Botana
Antonio Laje made a joke but did not fall very well.

The truth is that behind the papelón's comment Laje, is the true story of the title that came out in the magazine soon. There, Carolei told the traumatic experience he had with his mother died nine years ago.

"My mother had cancer He fought for three years.. The day of liver operation was larguísimo During the afternoon everything seemed that was wrong because the doctor told us that had gone well and that he had removed the tumor, but after a while they said they had been complications, "Fernando began counting in the interview.

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