River thrashed best free porn sites in Tucuman and was a point of Boca

Gallardo's team solved with solvency a tough match and won 3-0 with goals from Moreira, Canuto-in counter and Pity Martinez.

On March 12, the tie 0-0 at the Monumental Union before Blackedxxx the 15th round of the championship of First Division River had left Boca to 11 points, which then seemed to march unopposed to the title. Less than three months later, Marcelo Gallardo set thrashed 3 to 0 to Atletico José Fierro of San Miguel de Tucuman and came within one point of its archrival, four dates of the championship game.

Aware of the importance of jav full the match in Tucuman coach River had decided to request the application of Article 225 by Gonzalo Montiel and Exequiel Palacios, who had arrived on Tuesday in South Korea after playing the World U-20, to have the Jorge Moreira and suspended Lucas Alario. And the play gave him almost automatic result, since when had played just 41 seconds left the right side made a surprise appearance at the opponent's area Gonzalo Martínez received and beat Cristian Lucchetti with a bang right.

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The early bird cry simplified the task of a team used to be strong away from home (José Fierro came to a run of nine consecutive victories away). Good ball control midfielders (mainly Ignacio Fernández), although without giving deep stitch that would put Alario and Sebastián Driussi in front of goal, and solidity in defense enabled him to get through the first 25 minutes without frights.

At the blow input tucumanos he moved them off the shelf. Again with its cast commonly holder (before Factories, weekend, Pablo Lavallén had given rest to the players who had played last Wednesday against Palmeiras in the Libertadores Cup), Atletico was not passed, but he struggled to find ways to aspire to draw.
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At 27 the crowd in the stadium roared when Rodrigo Aliendro beat Augusto Batalla, but Germán Delfino, warned by the assistant Ezequiel Brailovsky annulled for offside maneuver. Four minutes later, Aliendro got through in the area, but did not connect.

Four minutes from the end of the initial stage and then a notice with a shot Nacho Fernández dangerously crossed the area without anyone could push, Alario swept and touched the goal center Martinez, but again Delfino annulled forward position, this time at the request of assistant Sergio Zoratti.

Complement the beginning was a roller coaster of emotions. At 3 minutes River stroked the second with a free kick bombshell that shook root Alario the left post fence Lucchetti.


But then the Gallardo had to weather the most intense squall night. First Leandro González pulled off and forced Moreira Battle required the most to clear. Then a bit left-footed shot from Luis Miguel Rodríguez went wide. Moreira quickly staged a providential crossing to prevent Cristian Menéndez (was replaced after halftime to Favio Álvarez) defined before the goalkeeper. And finally a header Fernando Evangelista was cleared a goal-line statement.

It was the most complicated of the meeting time for the visit. But then they came his desequilibrantes men in a counter initiated Sebastián Driussi in the center circle, Gonzalo Martínez made just pause and attended the scorer of the tournament, which defined without much power. Ignacio Canuto tried to reject such a large knot and ended driving the ball to his own goal was made.

The impact  was strong and finished desacomodar Athletic. Played attack, the local left plenty of room at the bottom and allowed River, cold and cerebral, give him the death blow on 19 minutes when Gonzalo Martínez took advantage of the holes in the rear, he ran unmarked and knocked quietly before lucchetti to seal the 3 to 0.

And then the game ended. Because enjundiosa search for tucumanos no longer allowed to think about that comeback that had jav incest seemed tangible at the start of the second half. Beyond a romp of battle, the fate of the match was marked.

Thus the Gallardo team, riding a 13-game unbeaten streak, was just a step away from Boca. The final leg of the championship announces a dispute head to head between the two giants of Argentine football. Best, impossible.


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