The unexpected response from a girl in best blowjob ever your math homework that went viral

7 years old, he lives in San Juan and is all the rage on Twitter so replied when asked about "family 10".

An innocent answer Jav Office your math homework transformed in a few hours to a girl of 7 years in the last viral celebrity Twitter. The girl is confused the family number "10" ... the members of the clan Maradona.

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The unexpected response from a girl in your math homework that went viral
The posteo did her older cousin.
"My cousin 7 year old did this in YOUR HOMEWORK" wrote yesterday afternoon young sanjuanina @trinidgman in his account of the social network of the bird. Although it has just over 300 followers, his tweet began to spread virally. The reason? His cousin, when asked by his teacher about "every family number 10", had responded by naming "Dalma Maradona, Ginina Maradona, Maradona Digito" (sic) and even "Rocío Oliva".

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Both furor caused her innocent response on Twitter, that the posting of her older cousin added more than 11,000 retweets and 31,000 "likes" in less than 24 hours. The tweet came even Dalma Maradona, who replied with an eloquent "master". "Too bad that line!" Said the eldest daughter of Diego, referring to the mention of Oliva, current girlfriend of his father, with whom he has a bad relationship.

While most network users softened with the confusion of the baby, some questioned the teacher by the way he asked the question and Jav Nurse some also theorize about the influence of TV on children. And there were those who made it clear what should be the answer I expected the teacher: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19.

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