Gynecological disease is continuous, because the english porn habit of sleeping.

Some women are very often make of diseases or gynecological inflammation closed region despite care and hygiene are always very thorough, review, very likely the habit of wearing pants at sleep has caused the condition difficult to speak of themselves.

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-Try to wear comfortable, airy. Pants tight restrictions in time too long. In particular, wear underwear made from synthetic fabrics to guarantee the air circulation around the vagina, get rid of sweat.

-If the clothing gets wet, must try to replace as soon as possible, especially after exercise or go swimming. 

-Hygienic sealed areas with clean water and a little water to avoid irritation, then permeability to dry and wear 台灣a片 clean pants. Absolutely not DOUCHING.

-In the days of "red lights", to remember regular cleaning and replacing new tampons to not cause smell and increases the risk of the infection.

-Balanced diet with high nutrient concentrations from the fruits, vegetables and whole grains such as brown rice will help prevent these infections in your body, especially in the region. You should eat less sugar. Soaring blood sugar can cause inflammation and accumulation of mushrooms, create unpleasant odors. Yogurt is considered good food helps the women closed strong, because that contains beneficial bacteria that help maintain the "she" always in good condition.
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According to a new study by Dr. Alyssa Dweck said, the underwear when going to sleep is one of the biggest causes of causes a range of health problems, especially affecting the region sealed by both females and males. The first problem is when wearing underwear to bed making sensitive areas do not have the opportunity to "breathe", which facilitate perspiration and bacteria easily accumulates, reproduction-especially for the night in hot weather , or with women who are going through menopause period very often have the hot hực in breaking dawn who steals, sweating at night. This condition can cause inflammation, itchiness, for men, it can also affect fertility by when wearing pants, cramped, the testicles as being "gutted" and rising temperatures will cause a decline in the quality of essential coincide.

If you can't go to bed in a State of nudity, doctors recommend that you choose a spacious linen trousers, sleep is really cool. In the night heat, you should adjust the temperature of the air conditioning, turn on the fan for breathable sleeping room and try to keep the entire body can best cool to sweat, the development of bacteria as well as the condition of hypertension.

A number of other principles the sisters need to belong is pleased to hold the sealed always clean, healthy:


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