These facts a sight that you have to change the way you best blowjob see the world, the impact is second

1. The gorilla nest to sleep

It sounds strange, but it does. The gorilla (gorilla) sleeping in the ground nesting trees or in the evening. One interesting thing is that a gorilla nest has never been used two times.
2. Advertisements use honey as a substitute for oil motive
Terrible, isn't it? But the fact is that there are some advertisements, we still don't really like people think. Make the food more attractive, people use lubricant instead of honey ice cream, often replacing Mashed 本土自拍 Potato and grilled burgers football will be covered.
These facts a sight that you have to change the way you see the world, he was too shocked two second.

This looks like it is honey attracts oil.
3. The ostrich buried his head in the sand no
Many people still believe that far away from the heat in the African ostrich head in the sand. But this is an illusion optics. When a bird sitting next to eat, it seems the head buried in the sand.
See the fact that the ostrich head not as you imagine in the sand.


4. Egypt is not a country with many of Pyramid's most
Speaking of Pyramid, people will want to go to Egypt. But scientists or Pyramid is the world's largest in Sultan. The president of Pyramid in the territory of the country is 255, two times in egypt.
Pyramid is the country of Egypt mentioned mentioned, but not many places have the world's largest Pyramid.
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5. No apple fall Isaac newton.
The original manuscript of the Royal Society of London revealed by the description of Newton's work, and there is no evidence that the apple story or legend of the same, we are still together. Note that only a brief about how Apple always fall to the ground.
The fact is no apple hit Newton's head, when you sit under a tree.

6. The Olympic gold medal, of course, does not exist
The last time the real gold medal was awarded the championship in 1912. Since then, all opponents to win a medal silver plated. The total weight of 1% medals medals in the weight of gold.

Life is always hidden surprises, we don't know everything. You've been right, but know that this is a secret, until one day, you find that the fact is not like this... Can really impact the potatoes are eaten, but if you know the truth the first roll of toilet paper in the world every day? Really surprised these familiar food moment, incredible coincidence in the life of walking on the beach, the girl was surprised to find a series of strange creatures in the closed rock

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